True Buffering Explained

Some coconut trees grow beside the sea so they are exposed to a lot of salt. Our trees are from plantations further inland reducing salt exposure, but the coconut husks still register as a little high in salt content.

Salt (sodium) and potassium content is measured by Electrical Conductivity (EC). Fresh water washing of coconut coir decreases its EC, from 2-6mS/ to below 1.0mS/cm, making the coir suitable to grow with. Coco coir feeds your plants the nutrients you feed it.

To do this effectively they need less sodium and potassium, as the best growth needs the best balance. Potassium is good for plants but not too much. We displace the potassium and sodium, which allows you to manage how much you want to give to your plant. 

True Buffering is the chemical process swapping the residual sodium and potassium for calcium and washing away all the excess residues, leaving you with buffered coco coir! It is done by soaking the coco coir in calcium nitrate, then washing again with clean fresh water.

And what’s this BC method about?

Buffering Charged (BC) method goes the same as True Buffering – we wash our ever so slightly salty coco coir with fresh water, to lower the EC levels.

We buffer the coco coir with calcium nitrate, displacing the sodium and potassium for calcium. Then we ship it out! As the calcium has taken the place of the sodium in the coir, you have no need to worry about your plant absorbing it. You will just get the benefit of your coir being bathed in calcium for longer. The excess calcium is for your plant!

Look out as our Buffering Charged products can be spotted with this stamp:


Still not interested in Buffering?

We offer XL Organic which is a 5 kg block of pressed and dehydrated cocopeat with a low percentage of fibres. This is an organic substrate from the very beginning, which means no buffering or additives, just washed with fresh water and sieved to ensure a high quality product. It is made from organic certified raw material and it is Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.

OMRI supports organic integrity by developing clear information and guidance about materials, so that producers and consumers know which products are appropriate for organic operations.

We are proud of our ongoing relationship with them and like to think that it exemplifies the high quality of our produce in every pack, not just XL Organic.