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Eco-friendly growing medium

UGroCoco is a range of high quality coconut substrates, that is peat-free, biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is designed to help you achieve best results with rooting, growing and flowering while caring for the environment.Learn More


The best coco nutrients

UGroNutrient has been created to expand and enhance the benefits of coco substrates for your crops. It helps the development of the roots, the growth of the plant, its flowering, as well as the elimination of old roots.Learn More


Flexible grow bags

UGroBag is an environment-friendly and flexible pot made from jute (100% natural non-plastic material). UGroBag is biodegradable and can be used as in-ground container. UGroBag let you plant directly in the ground within the container.Learn More



Coco made per your request

UGroLab are coir substrates made of mesocarp of coconut and provided in dehydrated formats. All structures and mixes are laboratory-developed and specially designed for the most demanding.Learn More