UGro has excellent water retention and airing properties that help the root system and the plant to grow faster. Coco coir has a naturally coarse yet spongy texture, which is why we are able to compress it and still maintain a great air-to-water ratio.

UGroCoco products offer a more robust coco peat that our competitors in the market. As our peat is larger it stops saturated spots from developing, as the water is able to distribute and drain appropriately.

UGroCoco is also perfect for getting well needed air to your plant roots and when they can breathe, they are better at feeding your plant the nutrients it needs. This speeds up growth rate of your plant, giving you a healthier and bigger plant. We offer a range of different products, so that you can create the air to water ratio that you require.

This starts with the ultimate in loose coco coir product, Pure Air and Pure MaxAir. Air retention is optimised because these products have never been compressed. Pure Max Air comes with pre-mixed perlite, which is volcanic glass heated until it pops, making it super light. It has tiny moisture absorbing cells on its surface, making it great at getting moisture to your plant roots, yet as it is porous it allows water to drain away perfectly.

We offer other loose coco coir including Pure Basic, Pure Perlite and Pure Superior. These all come ready to go offering immediate air retention.

The rest of our UGroCoco products come as a block of dehydrated substrate. This makes it easier to transport, being both significantly smaller and lighter.

Aeration is very important for your plants, as if the roots can breathe they will be happy plants, growing at an accelerated rate.