In the UGro catalogue, in addition to dehydrated products, there are three ready-to-use products: UGro Pure Basic, UGro Pure Perlite and UGro Pure Superior Light Mix.

They come in bags and the use of all of them is very simple: we only have to fill our container directly with one of these substrates and start using it.

How do we choose one or the other? It will depend on our preferences…


UGro Pure Basic is a traditional, desalinated, buffered coconut substrate with high water retention and an ideal texture for optimal root system development.

UGro Pure Perlite incorporates the perlite substrate, allowing greater aeration of the medium and therefore faster root development.

UGro Pure Superior Light Mix incorporates, in addition to the perlite, worm humus and bat guano, so we have a slightly fertilized substrate that allows a lower supply of liquid nutrients in the first days of the plant.

Any of the three options provides us with a quality substrate that will guarantee us optimum results.