Within the world of substrates we can find a wide variety of brands that offer very similar products. Generally speaking, substrates can be divided into two large groups: peat substrates and coconut substrates.

Traditionally, peat substrate has been the most used for cultivation. But there is an environmental prejudice due to the massive exploitation of peatlands. These bogs help fix CO2 (carbon dioxide) to its surface combating the greenhouse effect. Not to mention that they also make up the ecosystem of many flora and fauna species.

With the idea of offering a product similar to the peat substrate, which gives the same results but without the environmental impact it entails, UGro Pure Superior Light Mix was born.

UGro Pure Superior Light Mix is a coconut substrate (with all the benefits of coconut substrate: high capillarity, root oxygenation, better control, eco-friendly), mixed with earthworm humus, bat guano and perlite. This results in a clean and efficient substrate with the nutrient levels of peat substrates.

The best of two worlds.