We recommend our UGro Cube when you are growing with fully formed plants, not for germinating or cloning. You can use our plugs when you are cloning or germinating. For the hydration of UGro Cube, proceed in the same way as with the UGro Plug but with some small differences.


When you use UGro Cube with fully formed plants, you should make a mixture to hydrate the substrate with. Add a root stimulator and a liquid fertiliser to the water. This means the plant can find the necessary nutrients needed to build a robust structure so it can flower and produce fruit.


When you introduce the Cube into the water mixture you can see immediately how it starts to gain volume. Watch how the substrate is hydrating and the moment you can crumble the Cube with your hands remove it from the water bucket to prevent it from hydrating excessively.


You may see parts of the Cube that have not yet been hydrated but do not worry about this. The high capillarity of the coco coir will evenly distribute water throughout leaving the cube perfect for starting to grow with.