UGro Pot is a bag of pressed and dried coconut, designed to be used as a flower pot. Like any other UGro compressed product, we need to hydrate the substrate before we use it.


We can find UGro Pot in two different sizes: 4 and 9. Its square shape optimises the space, as they can be placed close to each other, with no gaps between them. For example, in an area of one square metre we can align forty nine Pot4 and twenty five Pot9.


Depending on the size of our UGro Pot, you will need more or less water, but the hydration process is the same. You can choose to hydrate the pots with fertilised water or just fresh water. For the UGro Pot4, you would have to use 1,8 litres of water poured into the bag, to get a Pot4 perfectly hydrated. The speed at which it becomes hydrated can be surprising because in just a few seconds you can see how the substrate volume increases. In a few minutes the pot is ready for use. For the Pot9 4 litres of water will be needed.


Unlike the UGro Slab, having excess water is not a drawback since, it is also a crop bag, so having the top exposed facilitates the evaporation of water.


Once the process is finished we have an ideal means of cultivation. It eliminates the need to use pots and due to its square shape, it allows us to optimise the crop space. In addition, the Mix3 structure which makes up the UGro Pot enables its use it in permanent crops or long-lived plants.