UGro Slab is a dehydrated coconut table with a controlled EC, very discreet wherever it is required, very clean to work with  and really comfortable to use.

When it comes to hydrating the Slab, you must be very careful not to exceed with the amount of water you use. Keep in mind that the Slab is a crop medium in a plastic wrap. Plastic is not a breathable material, so the excess water can last throughout the life of the plant. If this happens it may affect the root development of the plant and the plant won’t develop to its full potential.

It may also cause the appearance of fungus, such as fusariosis, which originates due to an elevated water temperature, or even root rotting which causes a lack of oxygen due to excess water.



The amount of water to be used for hydrating a Slab should be exactly 6,5 litres. Perforate a hole in the plastic of the slab and introduce the nutrient solution.

The slab is an EC controlled medium so we get to with a minimum dose of nutrients. We recommend to use a coconut root stimulator and fertiliser, both at half of the manufacturer’s recommended dose.

Also, to facilitate the absorption of water, the slab you can break it up in order to allow the water to reach all coco coir, reducing the hydration time.


Even though the Slab breaks as it absorbs water, it will recover its original shape. The pH of the solution should be adjusted to 6 to avoid any problems and optimise the absorption of nutrients.

Once we have introduced the nutrient solution into the Slab bag we usually see that the side with the hole is more hydrated than the opposite side. If you do this ahead of time and let the slab rest, the high capillarity of the coconut will evenly distribute the solution throughout the length of the Slab.


Once you have the Slab hydrated you are ready to start introducing the plants. Make some holes in the bag which you can use to add a UGro Cube. A UGro Cube is ideal for pre-plant growth. Uniting it with a UGro Slab, the roots will spread between them, allowing the plants to increase the absorption of nutrients and therefore performance.