In UGro product range we have two dehydrated products: UGro Small and UGro XL. These are products have a Standard structure so it is great for short or seasonal crops.


We will go through how to start with UGro Small and the UGro XL is basically the same way but with a larger volume. You can do this in several different ways. A very simple way is to introduce the UGro Small into a bowl with enough water for hydration.


3 litres of this of water is enough to get 11 litres of coconut substrate of UGro Small. In our case we have previously introduced our UGro Small into a pot of 11 litres and then the pot, upon hydration we find the coconut in the final container, gaining comfort and cleanliness.


Basically it consists of seizing the high capillarity of the coconut substrate. In contact with water, we can see how the UGro Small inflates gaining volume. You just have to wait a few minutes until the substrate is fully hydrated and then it is ready to use. It is worth remembering when watering you can only use so much water with the nutrient mix.


In the case of the UGro XL proceed in the same way but using larger containers and 18 litres of water instead of 3 litres.