Here at Simply Organics S.L., we take sustainability very seriously. Our cocopeat is made from the husks of coconuts, which is the byproduct of the coconut industry. This product is not just a great growing medium but also a safer alternative to traditional bogland peat.

The peatland ecosystem works as a natural carbon sink, offsetting carbon dioxide emissions. Boglands or peatlands grow slowly, at only a rate of 2mm a year. This means that gardeners, usually with the best intentions, are making a serious dent in these precious resources. Protection of these boglands is being called for from many organisations and ecologists, who recognise the importance of the diverse flora and wildlife found in these areas.

Opting to use coco coir instead of turf, you are choosing a more sustainable growing medium. Coconuts fall from the trees and grow every year. By producing a great sustainable product, we believe we can make a difference to the environment. The more people we can switch from traditional peat to cocopeat, the better the world will be. Together we can reduce carbon emissions and protect some of nature’s finest creatures.

Cocopeat is a recycled product which can be recycled again. Many of our customers do not enjoy only one use of our products but two or three. They will simply clear out any old roots left in the peat after they harvest and reuse. It is also perfectly biodegradable so when you are finished with the cocopeat it is easy to dispose of.

We do everything we can to reduce the packaging that we use and still supply you with a top quality product.