In the market you will find many brands dedicated to coconut substrates, which complicates the decision when you select a coir (coco) substrate. So, given the great diversity why should you choose Simply Organic SL UGro substrates?



We, Simply Organic SL design, manufacture and supply only the highest-quality earth-friendly, plant-based growing and planting solutions with pride since 2003.


We offer the widest range of high-quality coir substrates on the market.


Simply Organic SL conduct a KOG (KO guarantee) quality control and compliance production process on all of our products to ensure only the highest quality plant-based materials and coir substrates are utilised in our production line. UGro is made from a coir (coconut substrate) by-product sourced and packed in a salt-free environment and washed with clean fresh water to ensure low EC levels and the absence of pathogens and other impurities.


Simply Organic SL does not pack and format smaller coco particles which makes a premium product with excellent water retention and airing properties.


We, Simply Organic SL safeguards endomycorrhizae, a friendly-fungus and natural trichodermas harzianum, a microorganism that prevents root rot and stimulates the growth of your plant.


We, Simply Organic SL UGro Rhiza 1200 is a substrate, that has been enriched with endomycorrhizas, beneficial fungi, which form symbiotic association with the roots providing extra nutrients and moisture to the plants and improving the plant ability to tolerate diseases and pests.


Peat is hugely important to our planet. It acts as a carbon store and a habitat for wildlife growing on its surface. Year-round waterlogged conditions slow the process of plant decomposition to such an extent that dead plants accumulate to form peat. The carbon in peat, when spread on a field or in a garden, quickly turns into carbon dioxide, adding to greenhouse gas levels. To protect rare plants, animals and wonderful places for people in wetland areas and prevent the release of half a million tons of greenhouse gases from disturbed bogs each year, we would like to see the use of peat banned.


Nature to Nature. Creating innovative, earth-friendly, sustainable peat-free planting and growing solutions and zero deforestation, chemical-free coals for a sustainable future.